Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 songs.

i love music.  so it only seems appropriate that i post my top current 10 favorite songs.  they're in no order and if you click on the name of the song you can switch on over to the youtube video.
  1. Teenage Dream-Katy Perry--i'm a huge katy perry fan.  her latest cd 'teenage dream' which was just released in August, has some great songs on it, but this is one of my favorites.  not only is it an upbeat songs that makes you want to dance the lyrics are pretty adorable too.  it's one of the best feelings when someone thinks your pretty without any make up on and she captures that perfectly in this tune.
  2. After The Storm-Mumford & Sons-- mumford & sons is a fantastic band from england.  some may know them for their song 'the cave' which is a great song.  but this song from their debut cd 'sigh no more'. "there will come a time you'll see with no more tears and love will not break your heart, but it will dismiss your fears, get over your hill and see what you will find there. with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair" i love this song because it talks about living life and never worrying. and of course the calm always comes after the storm.
  3. Electric Twist- A Fine Frenzy--a fine frenzy is the gorgeous alison sudol.  her cd 'bomb in a birdcage is definitely something you're going to want to pick up asap.  all of her songs are so sweet and full of truth.  whether it's heartache or falling love or describing a kiss.  by far my favorite song by her is electric twist.  it's one of my favorites to turn up really loud in the car when i'm driving, or to dance to when i'm home alone. the music video is also really fun!
  4. The Great Salt Lake-Band Of Horses--i have been fortunate enough to see band of horses live back in 2008...and my best friend audrey and i even snuck into VIP to meet the band.  this song from their debut album 'everything all the time'. seeing this song life was amazing. it's all about feeling like you're about to fall apart you can go home and know that you will be all least that's how i interpret it.
  5. I'd Rather Be With You-Joshua Radin--i just recently saw joshua radin live back in february, if you have the chance you must see him live. he is so sweet and all of his music is so truthful and straight from the heart.  while most of his songs are about heartbreak this song from his cd 'simple times' is precious.  it's all about finding that person that you are perfect with and knowing that wherever you are whatever you're doing you'd rather be with that person. and taking that jump dive into love. "with you beside me i no longer fear"
  6. I Know- Meaghan Smith--i had never heard of meaghan smith before she was featured on the 500 days of summer soundtrack (which if you haven't seen you're missing out).  this song from her album 'cricket's orchestra'.  her voice is so pure and smooth and so is this love.  it's all about the little things in love that make you fall inlove with that person even more each day. and sometimes "words are not needed".
  7. Kind-Eisley--these guys are all cool is that! they hail from texas and aren't very well known.  the two sisters who do most of the vocals sing in perfect harmony and i've never listened to a song that i dont like by them.  their latest cd 'the valley' is full of fantastic tunes.  but this one in particular is my favorite. it's all about being there for that person you love and letting them know that even though the world is falling on their shoulders you would "buy them a diamond if you had to" just to cheer up their day.
  8. Crazy For You-Adele--adele is taking the music world by storm!  this 22 year old sure knows how to belt out the most amazing heartfelt songs.  this song from his first cd '19', which she wrote when she was only 19 is sooooo great.  the song title is pretty explanatory.  there is only a guitar in this song and her voice!
  9. Fairytale-Sara Bareilles--this song is so clever.  if you listen to the lyrics shes talking about all the disney princesses and how after the happily ever after their relationships failed. "snow white is doing dishes again, cause what else could you do with 7 itty bitty men'. sara is really talented and is from her first cd 'little voice'
  10. I Won't Let Go-Rascal Flatts--i had never really been that into country music before i started dating my boyfriend, but it's grown on me and i'm loving it.  this song by rascal flatts from their latest cd 'nothing like this' is so adorable.  it reminds me of vows someone would say at their wedding. you can tell whoever wrote this really loves who theyre talking about and that is so sweet. "i will stand by you, i will help you through. when you've done all you can do, and you can't cope, i will dry your eyes i will fight your fight, i will hold you tight and i won't let go"
so those are just a few of my favorites. happy saturday everyone :)


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  1. I Abby, What a fun post! I do love the song "Nothing Like This" by RF too, part of it is set as my ringtone. Check out "I Run To You" by Lady Antebellum. You may like it too since you're listening to a little country these days!
    :) Hope you two have a wonderful Easter week-end!