Monday, April 18, 2011

papa moreau

the moreau family circa 1997
i am very blessed to have two parents who love me unconditionally, and extended family who loves me just as much. while i love my mom and dad both equally i decided to talk about my papa today.  my dad and i are so alike. we have a similar sense of humor, are both geniuses (lol) and are interested in similar topics, music, shows etc. when i was 15 i was in love with justin timberlake, and still am to this day as a matter of fact. he was coming to play at the verizon center in DC and it was completely sold out.  needless to say i was devastated when i found out.  this was just around the time craigs list became big, and before it got really sketchy.  i was paroosing craigs list night and day trying to find tickets but my dad kept saying he would not be paying that much for me to see JT strut his stuff onstage.  disappointed i went to school and carried on with my day.  my dad picked me up from school which was unusual since we usually had to walk home.  he handed me a piece of paper and i started shaking. he had found a ticket to justin timberlake!!!!!  yes you read right, just one ticket, i went all by myself to see him but i didn't even care. it was a fantastic night my parents dropped me off hung out in the freezing cold while i danced and nearly cried seeing justin's sexy little butt perform onstage.  come on girls how many of your dads would do something like that for you?!
papa and i after graduation in 2009.

my dad is one of the strongest people that i know.  he has gone through so much in his life but always manages to put a smile on his face and is always doing things for others selflessly. i consider him one of my best friends and i know i am his bff4l. he supports me in anything that i do and is always there to give advice and help me whenever i need something.  while he is a man of few words they can usually cheer me up or make me feel at ease when a situation goes wrong.  recently he took a trip to haiti with our church. i was pretty surprised when he said he was going to go on a missions trip. he isn't really a mission trip kind of guy.  but that trip changed him. i haven't had a chance to see him since he returned but he did write an amazing analytical view of the trip which he sent to me and many other people who prayed for him while he was there. (if you want to read it i can email it to you!) Here is a video of the trip that the church put together. while i know many people aren't fortunate to have such a great relationship with their parents i thank God every day that i have not one but two parents who love me unconditionally and support me in everything that i do. i love you both :)


  1. Wonderful post, Abby. Your dad is amazing. When your mom introduced us, so many years ago, I remember very well, what a kind and thoughtful guy he was. Clearly that is evident to so many people.
    Nice blog beautiful girl!!!!

  2. This is such a sweet post! Your dad sounds like a wonderful man! You're so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with your parents!

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