Wednesday, April 6, 2011

be yourself.

"be yourself; everyone else is already taken." oscar wilde.

blogging. i've dabbled a bit, i must admit, i am a poet, and didn't even know it.:) in all seriousness, i've always wanted to start a blog and really keep up with it. i'll start off with a little about myself.  i'm twenty, i attend roger williams university & i study economics. my family is in virginia, and so is my heart, with my boyfriend jordan. (i'm cheesy i know). i always read blogs and am always envious of how creative people are by posting crafts that they do or magnificent things they have done.  i want to use this blog to talk about the things that i love to do, and people or events that impact my life greatly.  i may post a recipe i want to try, clothes i love, blogs i've stumbled upon, or a boring run down of my day.  hopefully you will join me in this journey; filled with sarcasm, love, joy, and hope that each and every day will be better than the last.

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